About Infinite Diversity

About infinite diversity

Our History

Our founder, Kelsey Pacha, a science fiction enthusiast, was inspired by a term from Star Trek: The Original Series: IDIC, or “infinite diversity in infinite combinations.” This phrase is a cornerstone of Vulcan philosophy, shared by Spock in the episode “Is There in Truth No Beauty?” A telling exchange from the episode describes its meaning:

“The glory of creation is in its infinite diversity.” –Dr. Miranda Jones

“And the ways our differences combine to create meaning and beauty.” –Spock

Infinite Diversity was founded by Kelsey Pacha, MA, M.Div. in 2023, after 9 years of operating as Kelsey Pacha Consulting. Kelsey has over a decade of experience operating as a consultant, and 18 years of experience working with marginalized communities. Click here to learn more about Kelsey.

Infinite Diversity has strategic partnerships with consultants from a range of racial, ethnic, generational, professional, & academic backgrounds, enabling our organization to match you with facilitators who best fit your needs & clientele. Click here to inquire about available consultants to meet your organization’s needs.

Infinite Diversity’s Mission

At Infinite Diversity, we believe:

  • A multitude of gender identities, sexual orientations, racial & ethnic heritages, abilities, and thinking styles represent naturally-occurring human diversity
  • These identities, and others developed in society (such as religion or socioeconomic status) may be deeply-held and impact how a person experiences the world
  • With humility, compassion, & openness to learn, each of us is capable of building just, inclusive communities where every person is celebrated in their authenticity
  • To this end, we provide the following professional services:

Infinite Diversity Consulting Services:

  • Cultural humility trainings to institutions looking to increase their diversity, education, inclusion, & belonging (DEIB) efforts, with a focus on LGBTQ communities
  • Organizational consulting, such as strategic planning, policy & procedures audits, user experience analysis, and data collection
  • One-on-one & small group coaching
  • Curriculum development for cultural humility trainings
  • Thought leadership in academic & media publications

What We Bring to Diversity & Inclusion Work

Leadership Experience

We have over 20 years of experience in leadership, managing teams, tracking strategic goals, providing individual mentorship, and strengthening community-building networks. Kelsey currently serves as the president of a national board creating resources for trans and gender expansive people, our providers, and allies.

A Holistic Perspective

For people to learn new skills, retain knowledge, and challenge their perspectives, they must be well-resourced and present. We use our experiences as direct service professionals, program staff, and pastoral counselors to encourage integration, self-advocacy, and a commitment to each individual’s own well-being.


We bring our whole selves to the work we do, and imbue trainings with personal examples from our own lives. We know stories have more impact than research data, and we are willing to share ours. We respond to areas where clients need to grow with honesty & direct, but compassionate, feedback.

Commitment to Structural Change

We’ve accompanied many organizations through structural changes, from taking management through multi-session LGBTQ training curricula to creating organizational policies & procedures. We believe practicing relentless self-inquiry about our own identities is the foundation for dismantling harmful systems, and we model that for our clients.

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