Services Overview

From the corporate office to non-profit environments, I have the expert knowledge and facilitation skills to support lasting cultural change.

I bring my 15+ years’ experience in educational, non-profit, clinical, corporate, and faith-based inclusion work, and my professional, academic, and personal perspectives as a trans man to the work of lasting cultural change. To see my full CV, click here.

All trainings & consultations will be held virtually until further notice. I am well-versed in online platforms, including Zoom, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams.

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Workplace Trainings

  • LGBTQ trainings
    • LGBTQ 101/Advanced LGBTQ 201 for Workplace
    • Gender and Pronoun 101/Advanced Gender & Pronoun 101 for Workplace
    • Using Neopronouns in the Workplace
    • Know Your Rights for LGBTQ Employees
  • Cultural Humility trainings for Workplace
    • Bias, Power and Privilege
    • Confronting White Supremacy & Racist Microaggressions in the Workplace
    • Interrupting Microaggressions

Provider Trainings

  • LGBTQ Trainings
    • LGBTQ or Gender & Pronoun 101/Advanced 201
    • Spiritual Trauma & Mental Health Among LGBTQ People
  • Cultural Humility Trainings
    • Confronting White Supremacy & Microaggressions
    • Interrupting the Cycle of Oppression
    • Preventing Clinical Bias
  • General Competency
    • Supporting Trans Youth 11 & Under
    • Increasing Family Acceptance for LGBTQ Youth
    • and many more!

Other Consulting

  • Policies and Procedures Consulting
    • Non-discrimination policies
    • Gender terms and pronouns for UX, QA
    • All-gender restroom creation strategies
  • Curriculum Development
    • Script writing, slide deck development
  • Small Group Facilitation
    • Affinity group or working groups
  • Manuscript reviews 
    • Subject matter expertise on LGBTQ people, LGBTQ+ religion/spirituality, LGBTQ spiritual trauma & abuse

The Gender & Pronoun Best Practices for the Workplace training was quite informative. I had made assumptions based on my own research that were incorrect. I really appreciated that Kelsey clarified the nuances and differences between sex assigned at birth, gender expression, and gender identity. Having a subject matter expert come in provided a lot of clarity about questions I still had.

Employee, Parsable

Areas of Expertise

LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Up-to-date terminology, roleplays & case studies from real-life situations, effective best practices, and strategies to implement cultural & policy change at your institution. Informed continually in conversation with thought leaders across the LGBTQ community.

Gender, Pronouns, and Identity Development

Expertise in transgender and gender expansive theory and best practice, with connections to trans thought leaders in many industries. Updated continually through the most recent sociological, psychological, and theoretical research.

Culturally-Informed Clinical Practices

Offering trainings on anti-bias, clinical interventions to support clients with multiple marginalized identities, exploring identity development models in context, and resources for legal, social, and medical gender transition.

Religion, Spirituality, and Mental Health

Special expertise in how religious and spiritual involvement affects LGBTQ+ people’s health & well-being, LGBTQ+-affirmative theology, spiritual abuse & trauma, and religious & spiritual competency.

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