diversity equity and inclusion consulting
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

I provide other diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting services in addition to educational trainings, including:

I have a wide variety of programmatic diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting experience. I have extensive experience in helping LGBTQ community centers create and structure religious and spirituality programming, including monthly support groups, faith leader trainings, healing rituals, and faith-based fundraisers. I have worked with organizations in Chicago, Iowa, and the Bay Area. For more information on programmatic consulting, click here.

I prioritize grounding idealistic visions in staff, client, and other stakeholders’ lived realities, and leverage my many relationships with LGBTQ service providers, faith leaders, and researchers to resource new programs. I am adept at seeing big picture possibilities and commit to the “long haul” development of your program. I can help your organization to:

  • Craft mission/vision statements
  • Form a strategic plan and strategic vision
  • Create, distribute, and analyze needs assessments
  • Create & implement new programs
  • Perform outreach
  • Manage stakeholder relationships (funders, partners, etc.)
  • Network with surrounding community for resources
  • Facilitate discussions, groups, or events for clients
  • Write grants

An example of my strategic and programmatic work can be found at: LYRIC’s Allies in Faith

  • Policy, quality assurance, user experience language for Believr, a gay Christian dating app, as well as a tech company that makes word processing software
  • All-gender restroom creation strategies for corporations, non-profits, and faith communities
  • Non-discrimination policy language for Christian youth camps
  • Supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion corporate initiatives
  • Creating LGBTQ affinity groups

In addition to my own trainings, I have created several multi-session curricula related to identity, gender, sexuality, religion, spirituality, and/or mental health for other organizations. These include:

  • Transitioning to Inclusion Transgender Curriculum: Educational program designed to help faith leaders, families, and parishioners discover their tradition’s resources that support affirmation and inclusion of transgender and gender expansive children and youth. Created for the Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies in Religion.
  • Transitioning to Inclusion LGBTQ Curriculum: Educational program designed to help faith leaders, families, and parishioners discover their tradition’s resources that support affirmation and inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender children and youth. Created for the Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies in Religion.
  • Gender & Pronoun Best Practices for Healthcare Workers Virtual Training Podcast: Wrote 60-minute script for a podcast-style Gender & Pronoun Best Practices for a healthcare context. Included narration and a model transgender client first-person narrative.
  • Rites of Passage Curriculum for LGBTQ Youth: A 6-month curriculum designed to help trans youth (primarily youth of color) process traumatic experiences through ritual, art, and spiritual engagement.
  • Allyship in Action: Faith Leader Engagement With LGBTQ Community Centers: A 6 session curriculum designed to help faith leaders engage with clients and staff at an LGBTQ Community Center and provide spiritual support. Activities move from an LGBTQ 101 to a co-created mixer where faith leaders can introduce themselves to queer and trans folks in their community.
  • Religion in the Context of Other Identities: This curriculum was written for a national independent school coalition annual diversity conference, as one module of a six-part identity-based curriculum comprised of age, ability, gender, race/ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation. Its goals were to help students articulate their personal belief system and to reflect on the intersection between their belief system and other core cultural identifiers through group activities and silent reflection time.

I straddle the worlds of academia/theory and practice, serving as the Board President of Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, a national non-profit organization that publishes a 649-page resource guide of the same name, by and for the trans*, genderqueer, and gender-nonconforming communities. Through this work, I connect with leading transgender and gender expansive scholars in medicine, law, mental health, social sciences, politics, and culture to collaborate on editions of Trans Bodies. I recently authored the Religion and Spirituality chapter of the second edition of the book, to be released in 2021, while managing a nationwide qualitative survey of 2,400 respondents, and editing several chapters. I also co-authored the Religion and Spirituality chapter in textbook Gender Confirmation Surgery: Principles and Techniques for an Emerging Fieldedited by Loren Schecter, released 2020.

I also have performed manuscript reviews for Oxford University Press on gender-related content, and edited/provided feedback to authors on LGBTQ people, religion, and spirituality-related content. I can provide the following services:

  • Reviews that require subject matter expertise (LGBTQ, LGBTQ+religion/spirituality, LGBTQ+religion+mental health)
  • Copy editing assistance
  • Research and resource suggestions

The religious & spiritual competency training provided a thorough overview of attending to religious & spiritual beliefs in therapy, self-reflection was really helpful in working through my own discomfort and biases; great resources provided; well-paced and engaging training overall!