The Gender & Pronoun Best Practices for the Workplace training was quite informative. I had made assumptions based on my own research that were incorrect. I really appreciated that Kelsey clarified the nuances and differences between sex assigned at birth, gender expression, and gender identity. Having a subject matter expert come in provided a lot of clarity about questions I still had.

Employee, Parsable

Kelsey is phenomenal! The content he created for a Continuing Education Unit for Social Workers exceeded my expectations. This was the first time I have had the privilege to work with someone whose content literally brought me to tears. His depth of knowledge and passion was evident in the exceptional content he produced, and he will always be the first person I reach out to for future endeavors.

Project Manager, Content Operations at an E-Learning Content Development Company

The Spiritual Trauma, Abuse, and Mental Health Among LGBTQ Youth training was thoughtfully assembled and executed. Content was relevant, recent, and informative, with good use of breakout rooms and media content. I greatly look forward to utilizing many of the resources named in the training.

Clinical Supervisor & Therapist

The content and topics of the Confronting White Supremacy training were really timely and I appreciated it was geared toward white providers because we are the ones who need to do the work. I felt all of the materials used were really great. I really appreciated Kelsey’s skillful facilitation and ability to utilize what was coming up with personal responses of participants as teaching moments.

Social Services Director

Kelsey was an excellent trainer and explained topics clearly and sensitively. He encouraged participation and reflection. I will continue to read and reflect on the concepts I learned related to white supremacy, and participate in conversations with peers and families I work with.

Therapist Working with Youth & Families

Kelsey’s work creating an informative LGBTQ audio course aimed at health care practitioners set a new bar of excellence within our organization. His expert knowledge and skillful delivery has rightfully established him as a leader in the LGBTQ community. Equally important, Kelsey is a joy to conduct business with and has a contagious positive attitude. Thanks Kelsey!

Executive Director, Content Operations at an E-Learning Content Development Company

The religious & spiritual competency training provided a thorough overview of attending to religious & spiritual beliefs in therapy, self-reflection was really helpful in working through my own discomfort and biases; great resources provided; well-paced and engaging training overall!


Kelsey’s passion for the work of religious & spiritual competency shines through. He approached this topic with lots of knowledge and asked thought-provoking questions to engage us.

Clinician Working with Youth

I attended a workplace 101 training with Kelsey, and walked away feeling impressed with Kelsey’s facilitation style, content knowledge, and truly honored to have the opportunity to hear about gender issues from a trans man willing to share his story with us.

Employee, Boston Consulting Group, Los Angeles

I really loved Kelsey’s approach to breaking down the topics of gender – a lot of which he did by sharing his own personal experiences. He created a safe space that felt non-judgmental and informative. I could tell by people’s responses that many felt safe to venture outside their comfort zones during the discussion.

Employee, Boston Consulting Group, Seattle

I loved hearing Kelsey’s story and experience. It gave so much weight to the importance of getting this right in the workplace.

Employee, Coinbase

I loved how Kelsey weaved through academic citations so we could see the origins of words and ideas—it helped to reinforce the evolution of cultural thinking.

Employee, Grammarly

I really liked that Kelsey gave us small-scale action items, something as simple as announcing your pronouns and making it a norm. I also appreciated best practices about participating in Pride and respecting people’s spaces as an ally.

Employee, Scoop

Kelsey helps bring [the work of LGBTQ inclusion] to life. He served as a strategic design thought-partner and supported our organization in developing and implementing long-term goals and short-term actions. Kelsey brings his dedication and heart to his work and blends it skillfully with his expertise in LGBTQ issues.

Jodi Schwartz, Executive Director, Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center (LYRIC)

I really appreciated our discussion about how to address microaggressions with participants in the Train the Trainer course. Kelsey did a good job modeling framing devices around difficult conversations and how to either redirect participants harming others, or validate participants who being harmed.

Clinical supervisor/trainer

Kelsey was knowledgeable and an effective communicator across multi-cultural guidelines. I really loved learning specific skills and strategies to manage microaggressions and discomfort in the room. Kelsey did a great job of modeling self-disclosure, facilitator principles, and professionalism.

Clinical supervisor/trainer

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