LGBTQ Workplace Inclusion Trainings

Corporate LGBTQ Workplace Inclusion & Cultural Awareness Trainings

Empower your employees by offering LGBTQ workplace inclusion trainings. Create positive change for the future and establish a safe and inclusive environment founded on respect and resiliency through our LGBTQ workplace inclusion training classes. Virtual trainings and in-person sessions are available in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationwide.

We offer cultural awareness trainings for businesses, with an emphasis on creating inclusive workplaces for LGBTQ colleagues, clients, funders, and other stakeholders, as well as cultural humility trainings designed to help individuals reflect on their own power and privilege within their personal identities, notice biases, and interrupt microaggressions. We strive to empower audiences to use the resources they already have to create an inclusive culture in line with state and federal workplace laws. Individuals and institutions will increase their resiliency in having tough conversations, learn why workplace inclusivity is better for their bottom line, and generate their own best practices based on their professional role.

lgbtq workplace inclusion trainings

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Trainings are available online anywhere in the world! I am well-versed in many platforms, including Zoom, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams.

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LGBTQ 101 or Gender & Pronoun 101 for the Workplace Training (min. 2 hrs-full day)

Participants will become familiar with LGBTQ terminology, discuss 3 dimensions of gender and sexuality, practice introducing gender pronouns, roleplay what to do when someone is misgendered, and develop individualized best practices.

Introduction to Cultural Humility (2 hr)

Participants will learn about the cultural humility framework, contrast it with cultural competency, complete exercises related to their identities, and discuss best practices for cross-cultural communication for the workplace.

Advanced LGBTQ or Gender & Pronoun 201 for the Workplace Training (min. 2 hrs-4 hrs)

Participants will explore connections between inclusive workplaces & business outcomes, review LGBTQ-specific microaggressions, discuss workplace laws that protect LGBTQ people, & complete a Personal Action Plan with specific changes to make.

Bias, Power and Privilege (2-4 hr)

Participants will reflect on their unique combination of identities & develop empathy for people who do not share the same combination of identities, define power, privilege, & implicit bias, and brainstorm ways to intervene when biased incidents occur.

Know Your Rights for LGBTQ Employees (2-3 hrs)

Participants will discuss state and federal laws that protect LGBTQ people, roleplay self-advocacy scenarios in the workplace, practice filing formal complaints, and strategize about steps to build community with LGBTQ coworkers and allies.

Confronting Microaggressions (2-4 hr)

Participants will define 3 types of microaggressions, learn to recognize when a microaggression becomes illegal, explore how microaggressions can undermine professional relationships, & roleplay how to intervene in microaggressive dynamics.

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