Clinical and Provider Trainings

Image by difisher from Pixabay
Image by difisher from Pixabay

I leverage my years of experience as a case manager, program coordinator, and pastoral counselor to inform my approach to provider trainings.

I have more than a decade of experience working with mental health professionals, educators, faith leaders, and other direct service professionals. I offer many trainings that qualify for Continued Education Credits necessary for licensure, and that meet state requirements for clinicians, educators, child welfare workers, and direct service professionals at senior centers. I enjoy training teams of providers working in a variety of contexts.

I partner with co-facilitators who represent a variety of different backgrounds, academic disciplines, and professional experiences—let me know if you are interested in co-facilitation for any of the trainings below!

Trainings are available online to anywhere in the world! Email for more information on any training below:

LGBTQ+ Inclusion Trainings

  • LGBTQ 101/Advanced LGBTQ 201 (Minimum 2 hour -Full Day training)
  • Gender and Pronoun 101/Advanced 201 (Min. 2 hr-Full Day)
  • Supporting Trans Youth 11 & Under (4 hr-Full Day)
  • Know Your Rights for Providers Working with LGBTQ Youth (4 hr)
  • Spiritual Trauma, Abuse, & Mental Health Among LGBTQ People (Full Day)
  • LGBTQ Inclusion for Faith Communities (2 hour-Full Day)

Cultural Humility Trainings

  • Confronting White Supremacy & Microaggressions (4-6 hour training)
  • Understanding Body Size Myths & Fatphobia (4-6 hour training)
  • Interrupting the Cycle of Oppression (Full Day)
  • Bias, Power, and Privilege (2-4 hour training)
  • Preventing Clinical Bias (Full Day)
  • Confronting Microaggressions (2-4 hour training)
  • Introduction to Cultural Humility (2-4 hour training)

General Competency Trainings

  • Exploring Identity Models for Youth in Context (6 hour training)
  • Supporting Neurodiverse Youth (2-4 hours)
  • Religious and Spiritual Competency for Professionals (6 hour training)
  • Train the Trainer: Facilitation and Information Delivery Skills for Providers, Parts I and II (Each Full Day)