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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many professionals are now working from home, navigating how to supervise, facilitate, and train colleagues online. Based on the latest information available about the pandemic, this is likely to continue through 2020 and into 2021. Many people have never gotten formal pedagogical training and some people struggle with the technology needed to deliver the information.

As a full-time educator and trainer (and an early millennial), I find myself more comfortable and better equipped than most to interface with colleagues online. In fact, I’ve found providing web-based trainings has many benefits! However, the professionals I train on facilitation and information delivery skills often feel overwhelmed by the prospect of presenting and sharing their work online, particularly when they are supervising and training their teams from home.

I increasingly get questions like, “How do I effectively deliver my information? How do I manage my home environment? How can I build rapport with the folks I’m teaching?” These concerns arise out of a lack of practice and strategic mapping of one’s content, not out of a lack of ability.

I have found that most people do have teaching skills they already use—but being removed from their colleagues physically causes a crisis in confidence. My online course, “Train the Trainer: Information Delivery Skills for Professionals,” provides a road map of content, design, and facilitation skills anyone can use to effectively present information in digestible modules. I cover how to:

  • Identify learning objectives for your desired course
  • Effectively leverage verbal and visual information
  • Design slide decks, activities, and use multimedia to appeal to multiple learning styles
  • Facilitate effectively, drawing out your audience’s expertise

Each training includes access to downloadable handouts that will make your training planning clear, manageable, and dare I say, easy! Contact Kelsey at or at the form below!

Here's What People are Saying About Train the Trainer:

I really appreciated our discussion about how to address microaggressions with participants in the Train the Trainer course. Kelsey did a good job modeling framing devices around difficult conversations and how to either redirect participants harming others, or validate participants who being harmed.

Clinical supervisor/trainer

Kelsey was knowledgeable and an effective communicator across multi-cultural guidelines. I really loved learning specific skills and strategies to manage microaggressions and discomfort in the room. Kelsey did a great job of modeling self-disclosure, facilitator principles, and professionalism.

Clinical supervisor/trainer

Kelsey provided great tips on creating objectives, and how to use them to guide the direction of my training! All of his tips and information were super helpful.

County social worker

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