I am happy to announce several new workplace cultural humility trainings for Spring 2021! In addition to my LGBTQ Inclusion for the Workplace, Gender & Pronoun Best Practices for the Workplace, and Advanced Practices for LGBTQ Inclusion in the Workplace trainings, I am now also offering two new cultural humility trainings for workplace environments: Addressing Bias, Power, & Privilege and Confronting White Supremacy & Racist Microaggressions.

My Addressing Bias, Power, & Privilege training focuses on critical examination of one’s own implicit bias, and power and privilege within one’s identities in relation to what is required by workplace anti-discrimination laws. We define several terms foundational to this kind of self-reflection, including intersectionality and microaggressions. Through group discussion, video case study, and roleplay, participants will learn specific skills to call in perpetrators of biased behavior as well as to take responsibility for biased language and behavior. This training can be truncated or broken into multiple sessions to meet your needs.

My Confronting White Supremacy & Racist Microaggressions training supports critical discussion of whiteness and provides opportunities for individuals to recognize white supremacy culture as it relates to a culture of professionalism. Participants will clarify the differences between important terms, perform self-reflection on our investment in white supremacy culture, and practice intervening when exposed to racist microaggressions.

It is vital, now more than ever, for businesses to provide skills for their employees to address bias, power, and privilege within their workplace, both to be in line with anti-discrimination laws and to be in line with best practices for an inclusive, equitable workplace. I would be honored to assist your company in facilitating a workplace cultural humility training. Click here to request a training or be in touch at kelsey@infinitediversityllc.com

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels.